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Global Performance System

GPS is a powerhouse. Yet user friendly its artificial intelligence runs sophisticated algorithms to give you clarity way beyond human capabilities. It gathers crucial instant information, predicts and even suggests corrective solutions, without any disruption of the running business.

So Let the lucky or unlucky decision- making based on past achievements be obsolete. And instead embrace with confidence the power of instant and predictive information with GPS as a guide that reveals to you the next best strategy that leads you to success.

How is GPS working

Strategy and Governance

The coordinated performance management

Achieving transformation

GPS guides management teams in their transformation projects and performance. Ensuring cross-disciplinary approaches and strategic alignment, GPS allows the company to anticipate risks and changes in its ecosystem, driving the transformation with agility and improve operating efficiency.

GPS supports executive management and supervisory bodies in the implementation of the strategy. Compliance with the standard requirements is part of the solution, as well as risk management. Beyond a control tool, GPS commits the organization in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Offering customized action plans, GPS ensures the proper fulfillment of the objectives. Operational management specifically identifies opportunities and performance levers, appropriating the vision set by management.

Here are a few of GPS functionalities and highlights:

GPS predicts a potential problem so you can prevent it before it occurs? GPS sophisticated risk analysis shows you and all concerned managers the way to neutralize risks at all strategic level of your organization.

GPS turns complexity into simplicity. Using Big Data and Learning machine concepts GPS understands the complexity of all business processes intricate relationships as well as the implication and importance of each decision. With the click of a button GPS offers to the decision maker all the necessary information for the correct decision in the simplest form.

GPS operates with your defined model of excellence in mind and analyzes the performance of each business unit adding qualitative measures to quantitative measures and using 3D smart KPIs to reveal the bests: Results, know- how and Means that all together represent the highest level and the most complete analysis of business performance.

GPS prepares you for the next trend and challenges. Further extending its power to deliver time sensitive information GPS puts at your disposal an instant SWOT and ROI. GPS ensures that Budgets answer existing business needs. GPS protects you and your business against fraud and information manipulation. GPS helps you towards the correct budgeting of your money, human and material resources, and time.